parker-altinoActress Mary Kate Costa is framed in a window at Stokaboka on Monmouth Street last Friday during the shooting of a scene by Mike Altino, right, and Connor Hughes. Below, crewmember Jon Altino holds the clapper. (Click to enlarge)


Downtown Red Bank served as a film set last week, when a small cast and production crew shot scenes for an indie film to be called Parker and the Box.

Screenwriter and director Mike Altino, of Middletown, tells redbankgreen the film is an adventure/mystery story involving lots of cryptography as characters hunt for millions of dollars embezzled by a “Dr. James Parker.”

Um, that name sounds familiar…

Altino says he was unaware until after he created his character that Red Bank had two Drs. James Parkers, prominent father-and-son physicians, for whom a stretch of the former West Bergen Place is named.

“It does add an interesting twist though, and another tie-in with the town we are prominently featuring in the film,” he says.

Altino says he hopes to wrap up post-production on the 80-minute film by the end of the year and begin submitting it for festival consideration.

“But most of all, we plan to hold a special opening event in Red Bank,” he says.