dub-readings-1The crowd was all ears at the Dublin House for last month’s River Read event. (Photos by Peter Lindner. Click to enlarge)


That’s right, Sunday is not solely about football. Another kind of contact event — one also best enjoyed with a cold beverage — has been claiming a regular monthly audience in Red Bank.

The River Read series, dedicated to poetry, fiction and any other literature that might be read or recited aloud, continues this Sunday at its home of the past year, the Dublin House.

Presented by local poet John Petrolino, the series grew out of a feeling shared by him, Mark Brunetti (publisher of The Idiom Magazine) and Word Riot publisher Jackie Corley that Red Bank needed more of a literary scene.

“Mark, Jackie, and I travel all over the state to readings, and sometimes out of state when we’re featured,” says Petrolino. “I’m in Red Bank, which is a cultural epicenter, is centrally located, and it has no place for writers. So I got the idea for a series, and here we are.”

He says the aim is not merely to host readings but to “establish a community of writers.”

The forum is is dedicated to all forms of literature and spoken word. Events include one or two feature readers, “meet and greets,” Q&A sessions, book signings, and an open mic for any other attending writers.

Brunetti and Barbara Crooker will read their stuff this Sunday. Here’s the schedule looking ahead:

October 10 Gregg Glory and Rich Fireman
November 7 Mihaela Moscaliuc and Suzanne Parker
December 12 George Witte and Laura McCullough

River Read is held on the second floor of the Dub, at 30 Monmouth Street, at 2p. Admission is free.

For more information, contact John Petrolino.