This week’s Comment of the Week was posted last Tuesday by “Pat.”

Pat’s comment was part of an exchange about a photo redbangkreeen ran from the wedding of a couple who are members of the Lincroft fire and first aid squads.

The headline over the photo was “LINCROFT PAIR START A FIRE.” Did they ever.

Forty comments have been posted beneath that article, some of the from readers who argued that the couple’s use of a Lincroft Fire Company ladder truck as a backdrop for their Red Bank wedding was inappropriate.

Addressed to the poster who calls him or herself ‘Neighborhood Dummy,’ Pat wrote:

Okay so we will agree to disagree on what you and I feel is abusive when in comes to the fire companies. I agree with you that changes are needed, but respectfully diagree with no slack being given to the people that protect you, THAT VOLUNTEER to protect you, your family, and your property, from fire and other emergencies. My point is very easy to make, if you didn’t have volunteers, and a paid dept was needed,then what your your taxes look like?? I aplaud your efforts to make this a black and white issue, but all I see is gray. I do not nor have I ever felt that because I joined the fd that I am entitled to anything. I am a 4th generation responder, and take great pride not only in my department, but also in the communties that I have sworn to protect. I also do live in the real world, my pay has been cut and my wife and I struggle with our bills just like the majority of americans are doing these days. I would glady and I said before will be making a donation so the fuel cost was covered. I just again don’t think that this picture opportunity of what is to be a very memorable day for them both is all that big of a deal. If you could prove to me that this happened in every department for every special event for every member, you would have a legit gripe. Also I am sure that this is not an isolated incident but that if happens alot less offen than you might expect. I also don’t think people on this site are a vast majority of what people really do think when it comes to this. People on RBG bash the fireman and cops relentlessly. A true poll would I am sure show something very different.

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