Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s redbankgreen‘s first seasonal and rather mobile Where Have I Seen This?, a rulebreaker that was chosen because this one can reliably be found at a single location.

So when you push back from the table, email us if you can ID the location. Please be sure to put ‘Where Have I Seen This?’ in the subject line.

Last week’s Where turned out to be no challenge for a good number of readers, who recognized it as a stretch of Little Silver Creek along Little Silver Point Road in, you guessed it, Little Silver.

Thanks to all those who wrote in: Joe Lauterwasser, Margaret Spencer, Cynthia Neff, James Appio, Jean Kelly, John Ekdahl, Ed Rumolo, “Dahwk,” Rob Lynch, Stephen Campbell, Rob Mason, Todd Weidman, Mark Molzon, Karin Sidun, Chris Peduto, Cindy Burnham, Nick Hubbard Jr., Sandra Talarico, Tom Mancuso, Sue DeLisa, Lori Brewer, Trish DePonti and engineering-industry worker Jenn Woods, who identified the object in the foreground as a rip rap gabion basket. “I know because we installed it,” she says.