Only one of the many readers who wrote in on last week’s image, which showed a roadside “Deer Xing” sign, got it wrong. Turns out to be a well-noticed spot.

The errant guess was the corner of Prospect Avenue and Little Silver Point Road in Little Silver.

The sign is outside the Branch Avenue, Little Silver home of Chuck and Marilyn King. Marilyn writes, “How deer you cross our path!”

Passersby have been taking note of the location for years, it seems.

Sandra Talarico writes that “it is, in fact, a deer crossing. The area across the street from that house is undeveloped town-owned land (it runs along Little Silver Creek) that contains a small herd.” Vera Hough says “deer have crossed in front of my car at that very spot.”

Others noted that the asphalt in front of that address was painted annually as a declaration of Irish pride. Says Jenn Woods:

Here’s a little history. Years ago, a kid that was a few years older than I was lived there. His name was McFeeley. I think his mother’s last name is Doremus – anyhooooo – they used to paint a huge green shamrock on Branch Avenue. For years they would repaint it each year around St. Patrick’s Day. It was there until the last time they painted it. I think they got the thumbs down from either the County or the town & were told not to repaint it. Too bad. It was like a LS landmark.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Andy Dougherty, Sandy Blakelock, Wade Davis, Pete DeFazio, Linda Rabon, Alicia Woods, Pamela Stockham, Jackie Patterson, Jeff Dalton, Jenn Woods, the Colmorgen Kids, Justin Johnson (age 11), Tom Allsman, Vera Hough, Mary White, Mark Molzon, JoAnn Lapp, Chip Connell, Joseph Kenney, Jennifer Mullins, Sandra Talarico, Kristine Giglio, Steve Goldsmith, Anthony Busch, Maureen (no last name), Don Watson, Jennifer Cleary Carter, Christine Jahnig, Jennifer Aliaga, RBFD95, Trish DePonti, Rosie and Jeff Demos, Bonnie Akey and Fred Blumberg.

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