middletown-pdAn employee at the Target store in Middletown was arrested Sunday after he gave a woman a $1,300 store credit for the ‘return’ of merchandise a security guard had watched her gather without paying for.

Both employee William Acton, 23, of Hazlet, and Allyson Forte, 40, of Gayle Drive in Middletown, were arrested, according to Middletown police.

Police were called at 2:45p after security personnel observed Forte bring the merchandise to the store’s courtesy counter, where “with Acton¬ís knowledge and assistance,” she returned the items she had just collected, according to a release by Detective Lieutenant Steve Dollinger, the department spokesman.

Though Forte had no receipt, Acton gave her a store credit, police said.

Afterward, Forte continued shopping and was seen by security personnel concealing merchandise on her person, police said. She was arrested as she attempted to leave the store.

Police also arrested Acton for allowing Forte to return the items which he knew Forte had not purchased.

Acton and Forte were taken to police headquarters and charged with shoplifting before being released on summonses.