Last week’s Where, featuring a bridal-gown wearing mannequin seen from below, turned out to be as intriguing to readers as it was to redbankgreen.

What on earth was it doing there on an upper floor of an office building? Was there a bridal shop up there? Perhaps a mannequin company?

No, just a securities trading office run by a guy with a quirky sense of humor, apparently.

where_042811_redo1Last week’s photo, top, and a view of the mannequin from the foyer of Rochdale Securities. (Click to enlarge)

The mannequin was placed in the foyer of the fourth-floor office of Rochdale Securities at the Red Bank Corporate Plaza as a goof, a colleague of manager Steve Langan tells us.

Initially, said the colleague, who asked not to be identified, the mannequin wasn’t in a bridal gown. “She was wearing… something else,” he said, and referring us to Langan, adding that he has an “eccentric” sense of humor.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Langan for a fuller explanation.

But readers were highly curious, and more.

“I just noticed it the other evening, and it freaked me out a little,” wrote Gina Rodrigues.

Thanks for writing in go out to Gina, Dan Mancuso, Sue Noone, kmtspencer, Shauna Ehlers, Jane Meyer and Sue McLaughlin.

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