Last week’s query proved no real challenge for more than two dozen redbankgreen readers.

Our photo showed a – what would you call it? A climbing apparatus? A vertical wood-and-hemp based physical fitness challenge course?

Whatever it is, it looks grueling. But identifying the location turned out to be a snap for most of the 28 readers who wrote in, even if they couldn’t agree on what to call it.

It’s at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High.

Kali Lerner called it an “adventure course,” adding:

The real question remains: When was the last time the ropes course was used at the school? I haven’t seen it touched in the five years I’ve worked there.

Dan Spooner, who referred to it as an “outdoor rock wall,” says he drove past it every day for four years, and “always had the urge to climb it!”

We got two mistaken answers. One reader thought it was next to the JV baseball field at Red Bank Regional, and another thought it was in Marine Park in Red Bank.

Thanks for writing go to Kali, Dan, Karr Mullen, Lindsey Hintelmann, Kevin Chieff, JoAnn Lapp, Raymond Piels, Edward Keighron, Mike Halfacre, Jenn Woods, Meredith Oberdorf, Wade Davis, Purple Cat, Kate McLaughlin, Kate Lawes, Anna V. Higgins, Becca Reulbach, Nancy banta, John Ekdahl, the Colmorgen Kids, Nick Lenczyk, Kristine Giglio, Tom Brenner, Nicholas Hubbard Jr., Tim Lake, Steve DePonti and J.C. Kelly.

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