chestnut-crash-2One vehicle, a pickup truck, ended up on its side with two occupants briefly trapped inside outside the Armory Ice Rink. Below, one of the injured being strapped to a brace for transport to a hospital. (Click to enlarge)


chestnut-crash-3An accident involving at least three vehicles left two men injured and a trail of devastation along Chestnut Street in Red Bank Saturday night.

Police and emergency volunteers extricated two men from a black pickup truck that ended up on its left side outside the Red Bank Armor Ice Rink in the crash, which occurred around 10 p.m.

chestnut-crash-1-092411A second pickup truck had a wheel torn off in the accident. (Click to enlarge)

The truck appeared to have struck a second pickup truck about 100 feet east on Chestnut, tearing off its left rear wheel.

A third vehicle, an SUV, ended up smashed into the fence surrounding the borough public works yard opposite the armory building.

Emergency responders said they believed a fourth vehicle, a lightly damaged Volvo wagon that came to rest at Chestnut and West Street, also appeared to have been involved.

The sequence of events, however, was not immediately apparent, and police were unavailable to comment.

The occupants of the black pickup ended up atop one another in the truck’s cab, a witness said. One was able to free himself, and the second was extricated by fire and first aid workers. He stood as first aiders attached him to a body board for transport to a hospital.