islander-112211The Islander tied up at the end of Church Street in Sea Bright. (Click to enlarge)

islander-2It’s a megayacht so lavish that it not only has its own website, but the website has tabs marked “main saloon” and “sky lounge.”

It’s so large that a motorist turning down Church Street in Sea Bright Tuesday morning thought an apartment building had been erected at the end of the block in his absence.

Welcome to the Islander, 196 feet of floating, sumptuous luxury, now docked next to a muddy steel fabrication yard in Sea Bright.

What’s it doing there? The captain, who politely declined to give his full name, politely declined to say, politely telling redbankgreen that the unnamed owners prefer to keep a low profile for the vessel.

Clark ‘Bubba’ Craig, whose metal shop is doing some work for the Islander, also declined to give away any state secrets. But he said super-duper yachts are not unheard of in this stretch of the Shrewsbury River.

Speaking of which, how did it get into this stretch of the river, having had to pass through the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge? The thing is more than 35 feet wide.

Craig said it just takes a skilled captain, and the Islander’s, he said, managed the job without knocking off its sideview mirrors.

The vessel carries the flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is available for charter. Prices are not posted on the website.