rumson-bingham-121311A paving machine lays down a fresh layer of asphalt at the intersection of Rumson Road and Bingham Avenue Tuesday morning. (Click to enlarge)


Just a year after a re-engineering aimed at reducing accidents, a dangerous Rumson intersection is getting another reworking.

This time, though, it’s a fix-job that won’t cost taxpayers anything, says Monmouth County Engineer Joe Ettore.

“We were dissatisfied with the ability of the finished product to drain off water,” Ettore tells redbankgreen of the 2010 job.

“We felt there were high spots in the pavement that needed to be reprofiled” to minimize the pooling of water, he said.

The same contractor that did the original job is making the repairs, and the county “will not have to pay for it,” Ettore said.

While the work is underway, Rumson Road is closed between Bellevue Avenue and Bingham Hill circle, and traffic is being detoured to Ridge Road.

Police said they expect the intersection to reopen by 3 p.m. Tuesday.