Last week’s colorfully lit-up fish turned out to be well-recognized, considering it’s a holiday decoration on a relatively new business.

Twenty-nine readers wrote in to identify the Christmas lights arrayed in the shape of a fish as the exterior wall display at Max Berry’s Pride Fishing and Tackle (which for some reason uses a lion as its logo), at 111 East Front Street in Red Bank, former home of Harper’s Copy Center.

Kim Garrison, Susan Frieri, Cindy Burnham, Mike Halfacre, Janet Taylor, Vera Hough, Dan Mancuso, JoAnn Lapp, Joanna, Rick Willgerodt, Nick Luiten, Andy Dougherty, Christine Jahnig, Thomas Kilgallon, Ellen Clayton, Jackie Francisco Sapienza, Stephen Mitchell, Matthew Borowski, Deb Harms, the Colmorgen Kids, Wade Davis, Tracy McMahon, Carol Tiedeman, Nancy Banta, Jennifer Gallagher, Kristine Giglio, Linda Morse, Trish DePonti and Jeff Dalton… thank you all for writing in.

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