Menna, below, calls Christie’s “going down” remark “classless.”

Was Governor Chris Christie making an allusion to oral sex when he sharply responded to protesters at a campaign rally for Mitt Romney in New Hampshire Monday? Or are his critics reading too much into his words?

On his Facebook page, Red Bank Mayor Pasquale Menna, a Democrat, calls Christie’s use of the term “going down” “crass and sexist.”

But at least two Republican friends of the mayor – Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre and former Red Bank Councilwoman Grace Cangemi – take issue with that assessment in comments posted below Menna’s.

Here’s Menna’s post:

Why do Republicans tolerate such crass and sexist comments from people who lecture us about morality every day? The Governor’s remarks were offensive to women, sexist and it should not be forgotten that the man next to him who seeks the nomination laughed when the Governor expressed the classless words.

Here’s Halfacre’s comment:

What a hatchet job. He clearly meant Obama was going down.

Desperate much?

And Cangemi’s:

Seems a little odd that the party who gave us Bill Clinton is offended by this. A focus on real issues instead of hatchet jobs would be far more believable.