In the time that Jimmy and Lori Monteforte having been renting a house on Rumson Road in Little Silver, the blue-and-white buoy they plopped on the front lawn as a decoration appears to have become quite the attention-getter.

The buoy was featured as last week’s Where Have I Seen This?, and generated a boatload of answers. Thirty-eight, to be precise, one of our strongest-ever responses.

But in the days after our photo appeared, one or more clowns went up onto the lawn and banged the heck out of the buoy’s upper framework.

The buoy as it appeared Tuesday, after vandals damaged the upper half (Click to enlarge)

Jim Monteforte, an architect, built the buoy – named ‘Bob’ – to help visitors locate the family’s home in Oceanport. The Montefortes are in Little Silver en route to a new home in Monmouth Beach, which is being renovated. Where the Montefortes go, so goes Bob.

As of yesterday, Jim had already rebuilt the upper portion but hadn’t had a chance to reinstall it.

Not all of the Where answers were correct. There was a Tinton Falls in there. And three readers recognized the buoy as a fixture on the lawn of the Monteforte’s house in Oceanport, apparently without realizing it had been relocated.

Thanks to all those who wrote in: Walt Cuje, Maria Malta, Trista Clayton, Joan Osgoodby, Paul Sully, Tim Lake, Lisa Taffin, Vera Hough, Diane Carlton, Lauren Giannullo, Peter Simpson, Heather O’Brien, Michael McMahon, Christine Jahnig, Lolly Ekdahl, Anne Dengler, Taugh Lynch, Jeff Dalton, Alan Placer, Larry Quigley, Ann Lawes, David Stehnacs, Nora Coolahan, John Ekdahl, Lindsey Hintelmann, Adam Guttenplan, Mary White, Kevin Chieff, Kristin Froehlich or Frohlich, Anna Higgins, Steve Labrecque, Jackie, Joseph Glynn, Jeanne Lenczyk, Ron Taylor, Eleanor Blass, Anne Calistri and Peggy Dengler.

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