5:30 p.m.: Rasheen Johnson, left, of Red Bank, with Matthew Huston of Shrewsbury at Patterson Park in Shrewsbury. Johnson said his goals this summer were to “lose weight, get some color, feel good.”

Still with the jumping? Well, yeah. After all, this is the first day of summer, and the longest day of the year. Who wouldn’t want to leap at the very thought? Especially with Sol Searching prodding people to “jump like you’re nine years old and just got out of school for the summer.”

These photos were taken in Shrewsbury. Please check out our jump shots from Little Silver and Red Bank.

(Photos by Trish Russoniello. Click to enlarge. Jump to feel younger.)

5:49 p.m.: Arline Logioco, left, with L. Kilfeather and an unidentified girl, all from from Fair Haven, at the baseball field behind Shrewsbury Borough Hall.

5:56 p.m.: Molly, 11, left, and Sarah, 12, of Shrewsbury, also engrossed in the baseball game.

6:09 p.m.:Lisa Pupa, of Ramtown, came to shop at Trader Joe’s. Though she wasn’t aware of summer’s beginning today, she was glad to hear it. She likes that people get out more instead of “hibernating.”

6:47 p.m.: Charley Nelson, (airborne) and Joe Luckenbill, both of Shrewsbury, at Sickles Park in Shrewsbury. Asked about his summer, Nelson said: “It’s great so far. I’m excited for the rest of it.”

Today, redbankgreen engages in a bit of Sol Searching as we chase the sun across the Green on the longest – thanks to the Summer Solstice – and, by coincidence, so-far-hottest day of the year. Please check in regularly to see where we’ve been. Suggestions? Send ’em here, please.