1:15 p.m.: On request, Jay Overton, of Shrewsbury, took to the sky with a cool, classic jumping style at Gianni’s Pizza on Maple Avenue. “Summer is my favorite time of year,” he says.

More evidence of what happens when Sol Searching asks perfectly normal adults to “jump like you’re nine years old and just got out of school for the summer.”

These photos were taken in Red Bank. See also our jump shots from Little Silver.

(Photos by Trish Russoniello. Click to enlarge. Jump to feel young.)

10:45 a.m.: Rob Rosiello, of Madison Avenue: “Summer is an amazing time in Red Bank. I love how alive Red Bank becomes in summer.”

10:54 a.m.: While visiting Red Bank with his girlfriend, who had a job interview here, Andrew Montgomery, from somewhere in Canada, noted the town “has character.” And then he jumped, simply because we asked.

11:15 a.m.: Steven Catania, Head Cheese at the Cheese Cave on Monmouth Street, cuts loose.

1:35 p.m.: Stopping at Butch’s Lube ‘n Wash on East Newman Springs Road to show her truck some love, Dorian Meyer of Rumson says, “I love summer. I love every season. I love being alive. I love every day.”

10:30 a.m.: Unidentified Demon Recycler brings in an empty barrel on Madison Avenue.

Today, redbankgreen engages in a bit of Sol Searching as we chase the sun across the Green on the longest – thanks to the Summer Solstice – and, by coincidence, so-far-hottest day of the year. Please check in regularly to see where we’ve been. Suggestions? Send ’em here, please.