12:41 p.m.
With temperatures in the mid-90s, shops in downtown Red Bank were losing the battle with Mother Nature Wednesday, with some reporting far fewer customers than on an average day.

Billy Anania, who works at Jack’s Music Shoppe, attributed the lighter traffic to the beach weather, and an employee at Funk and Standard said that he saw only seven customers before noon, compared to 50 during the comparable period Tuesday.

Even cold-dessert purveyor Frozsürt reported a drop in business, probably because people don’t think stepping out into the brutal heat is worth a cone of frozen yogurt, an employee there said.  (Photos by Stacie Fanelli, with thanks to Dave Bender for the ride in the cherry picker. Click to enlarge)

A display outside Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals on Monmouth Street said what others were feeling.

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