Just as its furry little ilk seems to have dominion over smaller yards and gardens, a giant rabbit ruled last week’s Where Have I Seen This?

As a whopping 31 readers recognized, the big topiary rabbit shown was from the ornamental gate at the estate known as Sheep’s Run, on Rumson Road in Rumson.

A member of the Mulheren family, which owns the estate, tells us the big bunny’s been there since before Easter. It’s not a permanent fixture, though.

Thanks to all our readers whose ears perked up: Karen Siciliano, Vera Hough, Jeff Dalton, Christine Jahnig (who called our attention to this history of the property), Joseph T. Kenney, Eleanor Blass, Erin Kelly, Sheilagh Casey, Jenn Woods, Maria Maita, John Larney, Emily Hertler, bobz, Melissa Neczesny, Sue Schroll, Tracy McMahon, Wjwiehl, mariemarro, Denise Russo, James Robertson, Mart Haviland, Lindsey Hintelmann, Alan Fisher, Heather Anderson, Walt Cuje, Trista Clayton, Sandra Talarico, Trish DePonti, Diane Carlton, Ron Dee and Kelly Busch.

If you think you can identify the location of the above photo, hop over here, please.