Pull up a seat, ponder life’s greatest question  – which is, of course, ‘Where Have I Seen This?’  – and then, having divined the answer, send it here by email, please.

We heard from eight readers about last week’s photo, which showed a lion, or some type of cat, equipped with a pair of wings and its fangs bared.

Two of them mistakenly surmised it was an architectural feature of the former Red Bank municipal building/police station at 51 Monmouth.

It’s actually one of a pair of gargoyles flanking the peak of the facade at the Count Basie Theatre on Monmouth Street in Red Bank.

Recognizing our menacing putty-tat were Stew Goldstein, who owns Monmouth Meats just across the street; Johnny Mego; Andrew McCann; Linda Presutti; the Colmorgen Kids; Al Weiss; Joe Ruffini, who says that as a young teen, he worked at the theater – then known as the Carlton – cleaning up after the Saturday movies; and Numa Saisselin, the Basie’s soon-to-depart chief operating officer, who wrote:

On my way out the door to a new job, it was impossible not to email the answer to this one with a smile on my face and say, “COUNT BASIE THEATRE.”

By the way, Red Bank Greensters might like to know that the two Gargoyles that flank the peak of the theatre’s historic facade are the only original elements that remain. When we renovated the facade in 2010, every other element was replaced with brand new materials, but the two Gargoyles are original.

Thanks to all who wrote in, and best of luck to Numa in his new job as CEO at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida.