With the start of Spring, 2013, hibernators all over the Green emerged to morning-cough an answer to last week’s Where Have I Seen This, which showed a sand trap surrounded by well-tended grass.

Sandra Talarico reports that her husband said, “That’s a golf course. Every golf course looks like that. How are you supposed to know which golf course?”

Well, some readers just teed it up. Their guesses included Sun Eagles at Fort Monmouth (twice), Hominy Hill in Colts Neck, and the Shadow Lake Village course in Middletown.

Kevin Johnson was more specific. “I could be wrong,” he wrote, “but based on the sandtrap’s location to the other sandtrap, and the shadow casting down towards them, I would have to guess the 12th hole at Navesink CC.”

Each of those readers shanked it into the woods.

But Sandra somehow knew the photo was of the Rumson Country Club, and taken from an adjacent street. John Ekdahl, who is the mayor of Rumson, also recognized the course, but mistakenly identified it as the second hole.

Actually, it’s the 15th hole, in the northeasternmost corner of the course, as seen from Rumson Road. Here’s an aerial view.

Thanks for playing a round go out to Kevin, Sandra, John, Shawn Mery, Eleanor Blass, Ben Gibb, Richard Bozza, Les Hathaway, Kay Vilardi, Eric Lasota, Nancy Banta, Michelle Welsh and Trish DePonti, a Wheregular who never hibernates from this weekly feature.

If you can bear to be wrong, send us a guess as to Where we took the photo above.

Here’s to a safe and happy Spring, all.