An interesting variety of answers fluttered in for last week’s Where Have I Seen This?, which showed a bell tower of sorts.

Answers included the Courts of Red Bank office complex on Maple Avenue; Trinity Episcopal Church on West Front Street; the church in Alfred ‘s ‘Vertigo;’ and the Prospect Avenue condos in Red Bank.

Kay Vilardi wrote, correctly:

I was just about to give up on this… and as I was driving home going East on Wykoff Rd. from one of my many stops at Foodtown… I happened to glance upward and saw the top façade of the Les Gertrude apartments on Broad Street….this must be the where as.

I will have to look skyward more often.

There’s no bell up there, by the way. Or none we’ve ever heard.

Thanks to Kay, Diane Carlton Kazalski, Bob Laird, Ann Kiely, Vera Hough, Christine Jahnig, mgardner, Sandra Talarico, Les Hathaway, Carol Tiedeman, Jackie Francisco, Trish DePonti, Ben Forest, Margaret Coffey, Adam O’Brien and Evie Kelly for writing in.

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