Two readers identified the photo of the pond fountain shown in last week’s Where as one on Hope Road in Tinton Falls.

But 16 others correctly called it out as Pomphrey Pond in Rumson, on East River Road opposite borough hall.

Sarah Pomphrey, who lives in town, wrote in to share some history of the pond and the family for whom it’s named.

Sarah’s married to Edwin Lincoln Pomphrey, Jr., great-grandson of the family progenitor, Edwin Austin Francis Pomphrey, Jr., who bought the house adjoining the pond in 1906. He and his wife raised 10 kids in the red house next to the pond. The next generation of Pomphreys to occupy the house had seven kids. And the one after that, two.

The mother of those two, Edna Pomphrey Ruscio, a granddaughter of the original Pomphrey, still lives in the red house, Sarah says.

Here’s an excerpt from remarks Sarah delivered at a 2011 ceremony at which the pond was formally named Pomphrey Pond following a long-overdue dredging and installation of an aeration system:

In simpler times, before the days of organized recreation… kids made their own fun.  And it was Pomphrey Pond that allowed them to. How many generations of children have learned to skate on Pomphrey Pond, stood on the banks and fished for sunnies? Canoed across? Tormented the snapping turtles? Remember feeding the ducks?
Edna can recall putting her radio in the upstairs window so the skaters would have music. Many recall the lights that were put up in the trees and on the utility pole so there could be skating after dark.
The story of the pony who was led up the back steps and into the dining room every Easter for the basket made especially for him!  Betty can still hear the clip clop of the hooves up the stairs and across the floor from so many years ago!
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