[See update at bottom of story, 3:27 p.m.]

A major league pitcher was “kicked out” of the Counting Crows concert at the Count Basie Theatre Monday night, according to a published report based on his own tweets.

Texas Rangers left-hander Derek Holland tweeted, “Did u know that u can get kicked out of a concert for 1 standing up and enjoying the concert an 2 taking to many pictures.Thanks New Jersey,” according to the NBC Sports website.

Though details are hazy, a disruption by a group of concertgoers with Holland may have annoyed others sitting nearby, leading to a dispute that “escalated,” a Basie official tells redbankgreen.

Holland’s tweets appear to have been deleted from Twitter. But several websites are running a series of them that read:

5:13 p.m. Off to enjoy a sweet lol concert of the counting crows. Should be a good time

10:26 p.m. Did u know that u can get kicked out of a concert for 1 standing up and enjoying the concert an 2 taking to many pictures.Thanks New Jersey

10:27 p.m. Please remember to never have fun in New Jersey because it’s not acceptable in their eyes!!! Stay classy New Jersey for what?

10:28 p.m. New Jersey has a lot of fun at concerts…….on a good note counting crows was a awesome thanks for a great show

10:30 p.m. [Apparently forgetting where in New Jersey he was] Note to self if there is ever concert in Newark New Jersey don’t ever go because it is frowned apon to have fun at the concert ha thanks NJ

Basie CEO Adam Philipson tells redbankgreen that he’s aware of the reports, but that he doesn’t yet have the details on what transpired.

“All I understand is that there were a couple of people around [Holland’s] group who were complaining a little about the distraction,” he said. “When [Holland’s party] was asked to go to the lobby to discuss this – I haven’t got all the details, but I understand it escalated from there.”

Philipson said he was looking into the matter.

[Update: This in from Basie CEO Adam Philipson at 3:27 p.m.:

“I looked into the matter and don’t have too much to add except that we are very sorry that Mr. Holland was not able to enjoy the entire Counting Crows concert last night at the Count Basie Theatre.

“As I mentioned when patrons complain of disruptive behavior, our policy we follow and normal protocol is to invite them to the lobby. Our intention in all of these situations is to be able to have the patron return to their seat and enjoy the show as quickly as possible. If a situation cannot be resolved in a manner that is agreeable to all parties, the guest in question is asked to leave.”]