Derek Holland gives a goofy interview in this undated YouTube video. (Click to enlarge)

Nearby concertgoers applauded when Texas Ranger Derek Holland was thrown out of Red Bank’s Count Basie Theatre Monday night, one witness tells the Asbury Park Press.

Countering Holland’s version of events, narrated in a series of tweets, 40-year-old Amy Sloan of Howell described the lefty pitcher as “being really obnoxious” and ruining the enjoyment of the  Counting Crows fans seated nearby.

From the Press story, published Friday:

About an hour into the Counting Crows set, a young man in front of Sloane asked Holland to quiet down. Words were exchanged, and then security got involved. They escorted Holland out of the venue.

“Everyone clapped,” Sloane said. “They all felt the same way. Finally after that, everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves.

“Everyone was relieved that he was gone.”

Sloan tells the Press she didn’t know Holland was a major league ballplayer until after the show, when she read his tweets claiming he’d been thrown out merely for standing up and taking pictures. The tweets were quickly deleted, but not before the media got hold of them.

“He was loud and he had a chip on his shoulder,” Sloane said. “He was heckling people around us and talking about the group and just being really obnoxious.”

The Press said it couldn’t get a comment from the Rangers.