Know this location? Tell us via email where it is, please.

No fewer than a dozen readers recognized last week’s Where Have I Seen This? It showed the side of an office building bedecked with American flags in honor of Independence Day.

As all our respondents noted, the building is at 3 Harding Road in Red Bank, just in from the corner of Broad Street. It’s elevated on pilings, with parking underneath, and occupied by an outpost of the Oppenheimer financial services empire.

Retired stockbroker Larry Roberts recalled the days when his employer, Merrill Lynch, was the tenant there:

I had these flags installed on what was then the Merrill Lynch building on Harding Road at the outset of the first Gulf war in August of 1990. I also had a floodlight installed under each flag, but they seem to be missing now. A few months later we set up a phone bank system between Saudi Arabia and our office and allowed the families of those deployed from our area to talk to their loved ones for the first time since they were deployed. It was a very special and emotional event to hear everyone talking, some crying, kids smiling & talking to their daddy or mommy—God bless our troops and God bless America!! Fly your flag today and never forget what it stands for.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Larry, Johnny Mego, Denny, Mary Ellen Hillery-Popola, Steve Goldsmith, the Colmorgen Kids, Rick Gill, John McKenna, Jackie Patterson, Trish DePonti, Lydia Hardie, Tim Lake, Wayne Brannan and Jenn Woods.