Anthony Tiedeman's shoesLooking dapper in his black wing-tipped shoes, rolled-up-to-the-ankle jeans and a button-down shirt, Anthony Tiedeman spends many of his days in sweat pants and dance clothes.

A 20-year-old Red Bank resident and student at the Juilliard School, he has immersed himself in an institution where students nurture their performing-arts dreams. Anthony says he loves all music and theater, but what really sets stands out for him is the art of movement.

Living in New York, as Anthony does during the school year, can leave you feeling exposed, he says. But it also opens your eyes as to how important it is to come off as being strong and fearless, especially if you’re to succeed in a super-competitive field.

Life in the city gives him a blank canvas to work with his personal style outside of dance, Anthony says. When not in his rehearsal clothing, he puts together pieces that really express who he is as a person. Model Citizen found him wearing Your Neighbors Pattern Shirt, formerly available at Urban Outfitters.

“Even if I’m not confident or nervous about an audition, I can pretend that I am,” he says.

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