For 23-year-old Stephanie Salomonsen of Middletown, personal style is contingent in part on what kind of music she’s listening to.

“Come the fall, I love to listen to bluegrass,” she tells Model Citizen. “It’s comfortable, feel-good music, and I will definitely be dressing that way.”

Today, except for berry-colored lipstick, Stephanie’s face is makeup- free. Her large, black-framed eyeglasses give her a nerdy chic touch that compliments her face. The blue beanie hanging low on her head reveals a touch of unkempt hair, which she says is the look she was going for.

MODEL-CITIZEN_08BStephanie completes the outfit with a chunky sweater and oversized quilted handbag, everyday pieces that let her accessories to do the talking.

Even if her style is changing month to month, she feels that her personal style emulates her personality.  Bold, quirky and fun.

“Right now, I am trying to dress like I’m French,” she says. “I leave my house with my hair undone, and I don’t wear any makeup except for a bold lip color.”

The result is an air of being effortlessly put together. Just don’t get too comfortable with Stephanie’s look for now.  For the rest of the fall, she plans on stocking her wardrobe with chunky warm sweaters, and jeans.  Anything that will make her feel comfortable and look casual.