The YMCA New Jersey Youth and Government Program will be sponsoring statewide service opportunities for high school students on December 14, 2013. Participants will be given the chance to volunteer their time and resources to soup kitchens, food banks, and hospitals across the state of New Jersey. This “Day of Service” will aim to empower youth and enable them to make a difference in their communities by aiding others.

This will be the youth leadership program’s third “Day of Service,” coordinated by the student leaders of the program. Previous participants have been from towns, high schools and YMCAs throughout the state. Collectively, over 200 teenagers have participated in the two prior “Days of Service.” Their contributions to their communities through this avenue has promoted and assisted over 15 separate soup kitchens and food banks.

To register or learn more about the opportunity, the interested public can email Program Director Michael Gallagher at mike@njyouthandgov.com, and keep themselves updated on the program’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/YMCA.NJYAG.