Mayor Bob Neff delivers his state-of-the-borough remarks in verse, above. Below, Pete Giblin is sworn as fire chief as his wife, Liz, who heads the EMS, holds the Bible. (Photo and video by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge photo.)


LSFD 010614 2It’s unlikely to make it into the Norton Anthology of Poetry, unless there’s a municipal edition.

But Little Silver Mayor Bob Neff’s versified annual reflection on the year just ended manages to inject a touch of cornball mirth and meter into the town’s government reorganization ceremony, as it did Monday night.

Another homey touch: for the first time in the borough’s history, the volunteer fire department and first aid squads are headed, simultaneously, by a husband and wife.

van winkle galante 010614Stuart Van Winkle gives the oath for a new term as council member as Donald Galante waits his turn. Below, the text of Neff’s poem. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

Neff poem 3 010614Pete Giblin, a borough police officer and son of retired police Chief Shannon Giblin, became fire chief, succeeding fellow police officer Andrew Smith. Giblin’s wife, Liz, was sworn as captain of the EMS, that department’s highest rank.

Councilman Dane Mihlon said halves of couples had headed the squads before, but never at the same time.

Among other family touches: Meghan Bennett Clark became borough attorney. She is the daughter of former acting governor, state senate president and borough attorney John O. Bennett III. He’s now the Monmouth County Republican chairman and a resident of Red Bank.

Donald Galante and Stuart Van Winkle were sworn to terms as council members.