Recognize this? If you know what our photo shows, and of course Where it was taken, please tell us. Send an email to wherehaveiseenthis@redbankgreen.com.

Last week, Where Have I Seen This spotlighted a brass emblem featuring the the capital letter G inlaid in what appeared to be a sidewalk.

Indeed, that’s what it was. As all 10 readers who wrote in correctly identified, the piece is the logo of Garmany, the high-end clothier on Broad Street in Red Bank. It graces the apron to the store’s parking lot on the Canal Street side of the building.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Jenn Woods, Christine Burke Eskwitt, Steve Goldsmith, Rich McKenna, Uncle B Jones, Boris Kofman, Les Hathaway, Michael Warshaw, Ellen Clayton and Sam Zatorski.