cin-snail1The Cinnamon Snail food truck is asking for help on Kickstarter.  (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)


morsels mediumWith the Red Bank Farmer’s Market starting up in just over two weeks, Adam Sobel is asking for help to make sure he’ll be able to bring his highly touted vegan food truck, the Cinnamon Snail, back to the Galleria parking lot.

Sobel launched a campaign on Kickstarter 10 days ago looking for $82,000 to cover the expense of a new truck and permit for operating in New York. As of Thursday morning, he’d raised almost $53,000.

Because the food truck typically does business six days a week in the city, this winter Sobel relocated Cinnamon Snail’s kitchen operations to Brooklyn, from Red Bank. With the costs involved with that move and build-out, he tells PieHole he’s not in a position to take out a loan for a new truck, but can’t afford to close the business down for a month while the current truck gets much needed repairs.

“This campaign is a test of our Karma,” the Red Bank resident tells PieHole from his front yard garden on Chestnut Street. “Part of our business model is being charitable – we’re trying to help people and fulfill a purpose.” Indeed, Sobel says he and his team spent weeks after Hurricane Sandy providing free food to neighborhoods in Queens that were devastated by the storm.

And even though he’s moves his kitchen out of town, Sobel says he’s committed to Sundays at the farmers’ market, which returns to the Galleria parking lot at Shrewsbury Avenue and West Front Street on Mother’s Day and runs through mid-November.

Sobel is offering dozens of various rewards for different pledge amounts – $5 gets you a sticker and $500 gets you and a friend vegan cooking lessons from him. You can learn more and donate at the Kickstarter page .