windmill dog 070314The dog and truly artful fries at the Windmill. (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)


morsels mediumMid-July in Jersey. Is there another time-and-place combo that shouts “hot dog” more loudly?

A sweat-soaked, wiener-wanting PieHole took it over to the Windmill on Bridge Avenue in Red Bank for lunch recently, and the place was jumping.

We ordered a hot dog ($4.49), fries ($3.39) and a root beer ($1.99).

Now, while WindMill regulars know that chili and cheese can be added to the dog, the presence of mac and cheese on menu, and its availability as a topping for the dog, was news to PieHole. But as oddly appetizing as this sounded, we decided to go plain and simple, not even dipping into the canister of kraut at the counter. A small strip of mustard was the only condiment we added so that we could appreciate the more subtle qualities of the WindMill dog.

Prepared on the large steel grill, the dog’s skin is a study in casing crispiness. That kind of crisp and snap is tough to achieve at home in a pan or over a flame grill.

The WindMill dog is large and satisfying: where we usually need at least two or three Thumans’ at home not to feel like we just had a snack, one or maybe two WindMill dogs leave you feeling pretty darn satisfied.

The dog comes on a nicely grilled roll that is sized a bit too small for the dog, but PieHole is always glad to shave off a few bready carbs.

Pair that dog with the WindMill’s truly artful fries – with or without chili and or cheese – and you’ve got a great lunch.