Press release from Red Bank Charter School


In a recent announcement, Red Bank Charter School (RBCS), a non-profit, non-partisan, K-8 public school, named 4 pm on January 13, 2015 as the deadline for Red Bank families to submit an application for the 2015-2016 school year.

The lottery is held every January, and is open to all children who are Red Bank residents.  Parents who wish to have their child(ren) entered into the admissions lottery must submit an application to the school. There are no other admission criteria other than residency. Siblings of RBCS students are automatically granted a spot for enrollment, but must also submit an application. Children whose numbers were not selected are invited to be placed on the student waiting list for admission to the school.

RBCS enrollment cannot exceed 200 students in Pre-K through grade 8 with 20 children in each class. There is one class for each grade level, taught by a teacher and adjunct team. All teachers and adjuncts at RBCS are certificated teachers.

“The number of applicants suggests that there is strong interest in RBCS. Our academic success, child-centered school climate, diversity and family atmosphere are the factors parents mention when asked why they apply,” said RBCS Principal Meredith Pennotti. “Those are all very positive reasons for selecting a school for a child. We are pleased to have earned that reputation in the community.”

Families who have applied are welcome but not required to attend the lottery at 7 pm on January 13, 2015 at the Charter School building on Oakland Street. Admission applications can be found here. For additional information please call (732)450-2092.