rb snow 012115 2Plows will roll out of the borough DPU yard on Chestnut Street starting at about 3 a.m. Thursday, says a borough official. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


As recently as Tuesday morning, “we were begging for salt,” Red Bank utilities head Gary Watson tells redbankgreen.

But by the end of the day, his department obtained a load of salt – just enough, Watson expects, to get the town through the snowstorm forecast for Wednesday night into Thursday, when 6 to 10 inches are expected to fall.

“We’re OK for this event,” Watson said Wednesday afternoon, moments after wrapping a meeting at which plowing assignments were given out.

Watson said he’ll put a fleet of plows out on the roads starting between 3 and 4 a.m. Thursday, “and we’ll be out there until it’s over,” he said.

In anticipation of the storm, the borough has cancelled the regular Thursday trash pickup on the East Side. And vehicle owners are urged to get their cars and trucks off the street so the plows can do their work.

From a borough alert issued Wednesday:

It is imperative that all vehicles be removed from the Borough roadways as snow begins to accumulate.  It is MANDATORY that vehicles be removed from all posted SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTES (listed below) and any roadways where temporary No Parking signs are posted by the Police Department.  Vehicles in violation will be ticketed and are subject to impound.  Residents who do not have off street parking available to them may park in the Count Basie Park Lot and in the eastern portion of the Mechanic Street Parking Lot.

• Bodman Place Both From Riverside Avenue to the end

• Broad Street Both From Harding Road to Front Street

• Brower Place Both From Morford Place to Bridge Avenue

• Canal Street Both From Broad Street to Hudson Avenue

• Catherine Street Both From Leighton Avenue to Tilton Avenue

• Chapin Avenue Both From Munson Place to the western end

• Drummond Place Both Monmouth Street to Peters Place

• Hudson Avenue Both From Linden Place to Harding Road

• Linden Place Both From Broad Street to Spring Street

• Mechanic Street Both From Broad Street to Spring Street

• Monmouth Street Both From Broad Street to Shrewsbury Avenue

• Morford Place Both From Front Street to Brower Place

• Tilton Avenue Both From Catherine Street to River Street

• Wallace Street Both From Broad Street to Spring Street

• Waverly Place Both From Broad Street to Maple Avenue

• White Street Both From Broad Street to Maple Avenue

During events such as this it is necessary that our emergency phone lines stay open
for the increased call volume that is generated.

The Borough will issue updated alerts as needed.