fooddrivePress release from Red Bank Regional High School

For the fourth year in a row, Red Bank Regional High School has utilized a “Battle of the Class” competition to motivate a school-wide food drive which benefits the local community. Over 7200 food items were donated from February through April 1 to help fill the food shelves of Lunch Break and the Salvation Army in Red Bank, at a time when large donations aren’t typically made to local pantries.

The competition included student classes and staff members, divided into teams based on zodiac signs. The winner was Team Gemini/Pisces, who overwhelmed the other competitors with over 1100 items. They team a $1000 prize toward their class account (donated by the National Honor Society), and earned points toward the popular “Battle of the Classes” activity taking place in May.

“This was our fourth annual school-wide food drive, and the results were incredibly positive, especially because snow days and PARCC testing disrupted the flow of our school’s schedule,” said English teacher Cassandra Dorn, who organizes the drive each year.

“As always, the RBR family demonstrated incredible generosity and teamwork. The competitive nature of the contest makes it more fun, but the real prize is that our school community makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of people in the area.”