Hannah UenoThe spectacular 3-D lenticular images of Hannah Ueno are on display at the Monmouth Museum, with the artist and educator on hand to discuss her work this Wednesday evening.

The effect is that of a stereoscopic 3-D picture, without the use of 3-D glasses — so leave the multiplex specs in the car (and stand at an optimal viewing distance of 3 to 4 feet) when you visit the Monmouth Museum for the current exhibit in the building’s Nilson Gallery — a display of lenticular images by Hannah Ueno (lenticular, as along the lines of those “3-D” baseball cards they used to give away inside cereal boxes).

The latest in the New Jersey Emerging Artists Series — a slate that’s helped boost the Middletown-based museum (on the Lincroft campus of Brookdale Community College) into the realm of the area’’s more cutting-edge galleries and public facilities — the exhibit remains on display during regular operating days through May 24, with Ueno (an Associate Professor of Visual Communications at Stockton College) dropping by this Wednesday, May 13 for an Artist Talk on techniques and inspirations.

From Ueno’s artist statement:

The central theme of this series is ‘a place of solace’ in one’s mind’s eye. My interpretation of ‘a place of solace’ is a place of healing where one can dream, think, search, reflect and hope. Each image is a visual juxtaposition and narrative of my personal views of nature and sanctuary. Each artwork is constructed using more than 20 individual images from my original photographic archive, and digitally painted. The final output is done using 3D Lenticular process. 3D Lenticular technology is the combination of multiple image layers viewed with a special lens to create an illusion of depth. Images are interlaced or combined and then placed under a specially designed lens. 3D Lenticular image works by making the change in viewing angle, each angle sees a slightly different view.

Admission to the 7 pm Artist Talk event is free of charge. Check the Museum website for information on regular hours and admissions.