rbr enviro 1A group of students from the Environmental Club at Red Bank Regional discovered a dead osprey while taking part in an October 24 Beach Sweep on Sandy Hook. The bird was studied later, to determine whether pollution-related causes were responsible for its death.

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

On October 24, as part of a Fall Beach Sweeps initiative organized by the nonprofit Clean Ocean Action, more than 50 Red Bank Regional High School students and their friends descended upon Sandy Hook, collecting trash and data to help determine and reduce sources of pollution on the peninsula.

“So many of our RBR students enjoy summers at the beach, fishing, kayaking, and surfing,” explained RBR science teacher and Environmental Club advisor David Hussey. “These students took the opportunity to give back to their local marine environment that they love so much.”

rbr enviro 2The students from RBR’s Environmental Club collected and recorded over 1,000 pieces of litter. While the collection process cleaned the beaches, the record-keeping served as data collection used to help reduce sources of pollution. The volunteers’ records will be analyzed and published in annual reports. The cleanup session also led to the discovery of a dead osprey, and a pledge by the club students members to determine whether pollution was responsible for the bird’s death.

Clean Ocean Action conducts major Beach Sweep efforts twice yearly, throughout the region’s waterways, recreational beaches and coastal wetlands. Volunteers are always welcome, and information about the Spring 2016 initiative can be found here.