jen beck 012216 3State Senator Jen Beck says the governorship “is more than a full-time job.” Below, Christie in Sea Bright in 2013. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


SB christie 6 082813State Senator Jen Beck of Red Bank says it’s time for Governor Chris Christie to choose between Donald Trump and New Jersey.

Adding to the chorus of criticism over Christie’s recent endorsement of Trump, Beck said Christie “cannot continue serving as our governor” if he’s going to be on the campaign trail with him, according to a report by Wednesday afternoon.

Beck’s comments appear based not on who Christie chose to back for the GOP presidential nomination, but the fact that continuing to campaign now that his own White House bid has ended will keep Christie away from Trenton.

From the article:

Beck’s comments to the [Asbury Park] Press’ editorial board came a day after the newspaper, as well as its five New Jersey sister papers, issued a stinging editorial calling for Christie to resign.

There are too many issues facing New Jersey — school funding, the state’s property tax crisis, public employee pension and health benefit reform — that need the governor’s leadership to solve, Beck said. The state legislature accomplished a lot during Christie’s first term because he inserted himself into and drove the conversation, she said.

“We have important issues, like this, that need his leadership. When he was here, we did get a lot done,” she said.

Beck said her constituents were not happy with Christie being out of New Jersey so much while he was running for president, but could see the benefit for the state if he did become president.

“Going and being a supporter of another candidate, and spending all of your time out of state supporting another candidate, you know, you can’t do both,” she said.

“I think he can lead if he is here,” she said.

Beck said she understands the appeal of Trump: voters have watched government inaction for years and see Trump as a candidate who is beholden to no one.

But Beck also said she does not support Trump, who she says does not have the temperament or qualifications to be president. Beck said she won’t stay home on Election Day. When asked if by the editorial board if that meant she would vote for Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton, she replied, “Or a third party candidate.”

The article also quotes state Assemblywoman Amy Handlin as saying that Christie “needs to choose” between campaigning and governing.