imageJB Wood Fired Pizza at Sandy Hook in June, 2015. Below, the concession stand at lot B is among three to be torn down and replaced by food trucks.  (Photo above by Jim Willis, below by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

sandy hook concession 090114Never restored after Hurricane Sandy in October, 2012, three of the six concession stands at Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook will be demolished and replaced with food trucks and vending machines, according to a report by

Park superintendent Jennifer T. Nersesian told the news site that stands at areas B, C and E will be demolished, with utility hookups installed at areas C and E for the mobile food trucks and vending machines.

From the report:

Repairs will be made to the buildings at beaches G and I and those, too, will be equipped with utility hookups for mobile food trucks and vending machines.

Nersesian said park officials have not yet determined what to do with the busiest beach center, at Area D, which housed the Sea Gull’s Nest, a popular restaurant. That building sustained extensive damage during Hurricane Sandy and like the other concession stands, has been closed since the Oct. 29, 2012, storm because of the lack of federal funding to make the necessary repairs. The National Park Service has contracted with mobile food vendors since then to service park patrons.

redbankgreen‘s PieHole food page checked out the food trucks — “peddling everything from brain-freezing ice-cream to naked empanadas at the clothing-optional Gunnison Beach” — last summer. See our story here.