Press release from Monmouth County Library

A new tech tool, Playaway Launchpad, has been introduced in the Children’s Department of the Monmouth County Library.

Available in all 13 library branches — including the Eastern Branch on Broad Street/ Route 35 in Shrewsbury — these child-friendly tablets are pre-loaded with ten high-quality, ad-free learning apps grouped by age and grade level. Each simple-to-use bright orange tablet has a 7-inch high-definition touch screen, and is durable enough to withstand heavy use by little hands. Each has a unique theme, which may include princesses, animals, dinosaurs, transportation, art and more, in subject areas that help build English language arts, math, and science skills.

Launchpads are targeted for either ages 3-5 or 5-7 and can be borrowed with a Monmouth County Library card or valid driver’s license for in-library use. Headphones accompany each tablet and ensure a quiet environment in which to explore and create. “This is one more example of how the Monmouth County library is meeting the needs of all ages of library users,” said Renee Swartz, chairperson of the Monmouth County Library Commission, which administers the library system throughout the county.

“By providing the necessary tools today’s children are familiar with, and by offering them exciting, fun ways to learn more, we are introducing them at a very early age to the library as a resource they can use throughout their lives.”