CRAZEES waffle bowl cool insideA homemade waffle bowl from Crazee’s in Rumson. (Photos by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)


CRAZEE'S 052516 2With this weekend’s unofficial kickoff of the summer of ’16, a redbankgreen fave from a summer not-so-long-ago is also back: the Cool Inside series.

As we did in the scorching summer of ’10, each week we’ll showcase a signature cold or frozen dessert from a local treatery — something guaranteed to excite the taste buds while cooling down the body’s core.

To start things off, we stopped in at Crazee’s in Rumson.

CRAZEE'S 052516 3Emily Baker forms a just-made waffle into a bowl shape. (Photos by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)

CRAZEE'S 052516 7

What’s this dish called?

The homemade waffle bowl.

Where’s it sold?

Crazee’s Institute of Fine Ice Cream and Nuts
2 West River Road


$5.00 with soft ice cream, $6.00 with hard. Add $.75 per topping.

What’s in it?

The bowl, which is a waffle made from a basic mix and formed into a cup, comes with three scoops of ice cream. According to store manager Emily Baker, the waffle bowl is “great for people who want to overload it with toppings” as well as for kids, because it’s easier to manage than its counterpart, the waffle cone.

How did the waffle bowl come about?

The need for cone alternative became evident “when people tried to put a bunch of toppings on the cone,” which wasn’t really feasible, says Baker. “It made a mess. Therefore, to accommodate people who love their toppings, we came out with the bowl.”

Are you Crazee’s fanatic? Tell us what makes this place stand out.

How is it made?

The waffle bowl is made by pouring waffle mix onto a specialty waffle iron and cooking it for one minute. The hot waffle is then placed over the bottom of a pint container and covered with a sundae cup to form, Baker explained. “We find that the pint container makes the perfect mold for the waffle bowl,” she says.

What’s great about the waffle bowls?

Both the waffle bowls and the waffle cones are made throughout the day, says Baker, but can be cooked fresh to order. Plus, they give off the mouthwatering “fresh-baked cookie smell” that permeates the shop, she says.

What’s your own favorite?

Baker says she fills her waffle bowl with Elvis ice cream (banana and chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirl) and smothers it with extra peanut butter sauce.

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:

If the waffle bowl didn’t exist, life would be “boring,” says Baker.


“It’s a fun treat,” Baker says. Kids love watching the bowls being made.

The waffle cones are the same prices as the bowls and are served plain or dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles.