Cannoli chips and frozen cannoli cream from La Rosa’s in Shrewsbury.
(Photos by Trish Russoniello, above, and Sherri Hall, below. Click to enlarge.)


la rosa's exterior 3The latest stop on PieHole‘s Cool Inside quest for cooling summer treats on the Greater Red Bank Green is La Rosa’s Pastry Shop.

The Shrewsbury desserts emporium is widely known for its cannolis, as well as for its cakes and cookies baked on premises. On this visit, we uncovered the shop’s newest cool cannoli confection.

What’s this dish called?

Frozen Cannoli Cream with Cannoli Chips

Where is it sold?

La Rosa’s Pastry Shop

79 East Newman Springs Road




$7.99 for a one-pound package of frozen cannoli cream plus $4.99 for a 14-ounce package of cannoli chips at the shop.

What’s in it?

The cannoli cream is made up of ricotta cheese, sugar and cinnamon. Co-owner Sal La Rosa says the cannoli chips are made the traditional way and then topped with powdered sugar. Although the cream is purchased frozen, it is meant to be thawed for chip-dipping.

Where’d this come from?

La Rosa’s had been selling cannoli chips and frozen cannoli cream separately for years. However, according to Sal, when ShopRite asked La Rosa’s to build a platter of the two together, “it became a phenomenon.” A number of local stores in the chain now carry the platter.

What’s so great about it?

In addition to being cool and refreshing, “it’s great for family party functions and it’s fun,” says La Rosa. “Everybody gets to have a sample of cannolis and cream.”

 Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:

If frozen cannoli cream with cannoli chips didn’t exist, life would be “in a state of cannoli depression,” LaRosa says.