HOFFMANS_062416Hoffman’s popular “cookie monster” blue ice cream as used in shake, at left, and a banana split.
(Photos by Trish Russoniello and Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)


hoffman's 4Next up in PieHole‘s summer-long Cool Inside quest for cooling summer treats on the Greater Red Bank Green is one named after a childhood icon.

hoffman's 1Hoffman’s manager FayeDoelling working the blender. (Photo by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)

What’S this treat called?

The Cookie Monster Milkshake

Where is it sold?

Hoffman’s Ice Cream

78 Oceanport Avenue

Little Silver


It’s also available at the Long Branch, Spring Lake Heights and Point Pleasant Beach Hoffman’s locations.


$6.31 for a 24 oz. milkshake (tax included). Add a topping for $.90.

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What’s in it?

The Cookie Monster Milkshake is made using one of the shop’s most popular ice cream flavors: Cookie Monster, which consists of blue-colored vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies and cookie dough pieces.

The ice cream is then blended with “shake milk” to create the milkshake. Toppings, such as additional Oreo cookies, can also be spun in and added to the top of the shake.

How did the idea come about?

According to Faye Doelling, manager of the Little Silver location, a customer suggested it. The flavor has been around for three years and since then, it has been requested many times in milkshake form.

What’s great about the Cookie Monster Milkshake?

“When we first tell people they can put any flavor of ice cream in a milkshake, they immediately go for the Cookie Monster, both kids and adults,” says Doelling. “Cookie Monster is our staple flavor. People come in specifically for it.”

All the shop’s hard ice cream is homemade, and “it’s really fresh,” which makes for a great milkshake, she says.

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:

If the Cookie Monster Milkshake didn’t exist, life would be “blue,” says employee Marysa Slovens.

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