The Lighthouse “iceshake.”
 (Photos by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)


imageIn search of the Greater Red Bank Green’s best cold and frozen treats to help you beat the heat this summer of ’16, PieHole‘s Cool Inside series returns for a third installment  with a with a stop for a chilly treat you can sip through a straw.

lighthouse 2Kevin Valerio at work. (Photos by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)


What is it called?

The Lighthouse Breeze

Where is it sold?

The Lighthouse / Strollo’s Homemade Italian Ice

64 North Bridge Avenue (the juncture with Shrewsbury Avenue at the south end of the Cooper Bridge)

Red Bank


The Lighthouse Breeze is also available at the Long Branch, West End and Point Pleasant Beach Lighthouse locations.


Small, $3.25. and large, $4.85.

What’s in it?

The Lighthouse Breeze is made up of any flavor of Italian ice blended with milkshake mix for a cool, refreshing twist on a traditional milkshake you might call an iceshake. There are 12 flavors at any given time to choose from as well as one flavor of the week.

How did the idea come about?

Owner Kevin Valerio and his best friend Jimmy Callano (owner of the Long Branch, West End and Point Pleasant Beach locations) get together often to discuss ideas for new items. They came up with the Lighthouse Breeze five years ago.

What’s the most popular Lighthouse Breeze flavor?

For the adults, the most popular Lighthouse Breeze flavors are pistachio and orange creamsicle, says Valerio. For kids, the favorites are cherry and blue raspberry, he says.

What’s great about the Lighthouse Breeze?

“It’s original and it’s a big hit with the kids,” says Valerio. “You can mix flavors in it too. The kids love the colors.”

Speaking of kids, Valerio’s two daughters, Maia, 11, and Jules, 9, can’t wait until they are able to work at the shop. “It’s such a fun place to come and Red Bank is a great town to be in,” says Valerio. The Red Bank location has been in business for 21 years. Valerio hopes his daughters will take over the shop one day.

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:

If the Lighthouse Breeze didn’t exist, life would be “flavorless.” (Maia Valerio)