schererTwo of the paintings by Charlotte Scherer that go on display Thursday evening at Gallery Jupiter in Little Silver.

scherer energyIn a 2007 feature that appeared here on redbankgreen, the art dealer and artists’ rep Charlotte Tusch Scherer announced that she was shutting down ArtForms, her long-running gallery space in downtown Red Bank, in favor of the online Artforms Galleries. But as she told us that arctic December’s afternoon, the move away from the brick-and-mortar environment signaled anything but retirement.

“I’m now getting into painting full-force,” she said. “I’ve always done it, but I’ve never given myself credence to do it until recently.”

Nine years later, it’s evident that Scherer’s Woodstock, New York studio has been a place of industry.

Beginning Thursday, the work of the artist who paints under the name Charlotte Tusch takes center stage in a solo exhibit going up at Little Silver’s Gallery Jupiter. Entitled Atmosphere, the collection of abstract paintings will debut at the contemporary art, framing and design studio with a public-welcome reception between 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

It’s a homecoming of sorts for the artist, whose former Monmouth Street space occasionally hosted her vigorous and vibrantly colorful canvases among works by the gallery’s featured painters, potters, sculptors and jewelry designers.

In a artist’s statement, the painter discusses the almost improvisatory nature of her work in latex, acrylic and metallic pigment, observing that “allowing the paint to move and letting myself guide but not control the outcome, using my hands, brushes and pallet knives in an intuitive manner, allows the paint to be the guide… These paintings reflect the movement and the spatial sensibility that I so love to create.”

The Atmosphere show remains on display during regular studio hours at Gallery Jupiter, 31 Church Street. Contact for additional information — and view a virtual gallery of the artist’s recent work here.