fab fauxThe Fab Faux makes its 15th annual appearance on the Count Basie stage this Saturday night, fortified by horns, strings and a formidable folio of the Beatles’ greatest hits.

It’s as sure a sign of the summer as the 35-miles-per-hour speed limit on Sea Bright’s Ocean Avenue — the appearance of the Fab Faux, the super-sessionman pet project that makes its 15th annual stand on the stage of the Count Basie Theatre this Saturday night.

Co-fronted by a couple of professed Beatle buffs and virtuosic veterans from famed TV talk-show bands — bassman Will Lee (David Letterman) and guitarist Jimmy Vivino (Conan O’Brien) — the celebrated band has outdone every Wanna-Beatle combo in general circulation, with a show that transcends the wigs-and-costumes Beatlemania approach in favor of a thrillingly detail-intensive homage to the recorded legacy of the Liverpuddlian lads.

Last time out, the fab fivesome (Lee, Vivino, and fellow session aces Frank Agnello, Rich Pagano and Jack Petruzzelli) performed a spot-on recreation of two specific albums from the Beatles’ Capitol catalog: “Rubber Soul” and “Magical Mystery Tour.” This time, the band leaves the LPs on the shelf in favor of a spin through their carrying-case of 45-rpm singles — a program of greatest hits that spans the cheerful chirp of the mop-topped and Beatle-booted early days, and the studio-based sturm and drang of the later experimental epics.

As usual, the five Faux-fellows (who share lead-vocal duties) will be joined by their frequent collaborators, the Hogshead Horns and Creme Tangerine Strings, for the concert event that drops the needle at 8 p.m. — and that “completely up-ends the concept of a Beatles tribute band.”

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