shrewsbury school 092615
HOT-TOPIC_03By margins as wide as four-to-one, voters in Shrewsbury rejected a series of referendums calling for $28.1 million in capital spending on the borough’s lone school in a special election held Tuesday.

According to the Monmouth County Clerk’s website, voters soundly defeated measures on $13.4 million in roofing and other facilities upgrades to the existing building; $11.2 million to build a new gym; $1.9 million to acquire land for the expansion; and $1.6 million to add solar panels to the roof.

Only 525, or 38 percent, of the 1,369 votes cast on the first item were in favor. That was the closest outcome: 82 percent rejected the solar panels. The K-8 school has an enrollment of  492 students.  (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)