Press release from Rumson-Fair Haven High School

Nearly a year ago, a therapy dog named Violet was welcomed as the newest staff member at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School. Since then, Violet has become a vital member of the RFH family and has embraced her role with dignity and a wagging tail. She is making a tremendous impact in the RFH Multiple Disabled program, as well as throughout the school and the local school community.

On March 7, Violet will mark her first birthday — and in celebration, RFH has invited community members to participate in a number of activities honoring Violet and supporting her work.

• At the State Championship Boys Basketball game on February 27, items will be available for sale to benefit Violet. These include baked goods, “Violet” bracelets and RFH merchandise. RFH team members will be wearing limited- edition basketball shirts featuring Violet, and special half-time activities are also planned during the event scheduled for 6:30 p.m. in the RFH gym.

• A link has been added to the RFH web site for those wishing to pledge their support and be featured on the webpage list “Friends of Violet.” To donate, visit Violet’s page at and click on the donation link.

• For a glance at all the good work Violet is performing every day at RFH,  follow her on Instagram and on Twitter – and

All funds raised will be used to purchase food, treats and toys, grooming, and ongoing training for Violet. Her veterinary care is provided free of charge thanks to the generosity of Dr. Gregory Heins of Two Rivers Animal Hospital in Fair Haven.

Violet’s greatest impact at RFH is in the Multiple Disabled program where her daily presence has dramatically improved the students’ social skills, independence, and overall confidence. Violet has made a positive difference throughout the rest of the school as well by helping students relieve anxiety before exams and by participating in small-scale performances created by students in English classes.

Violet’s beneficial work goes beyond the RFH campus, with weekly visits to Deane Porter and Forrestdale schools in Rumson. Regular visits to Knollwood School in Fair Haven are planned beginning in February.