Press release from Monmouth Reform Temple

We bear witness to the vandalism of Jewish Cemeteries and the bomb and terroristic threats on Jewish institutions. We bear witness to the burning of mosques and the harassment of Muslims in America.

We bear witness to the violence inflicted upon our minority populations. We bear witness to the community-destroying finger pointing that accuses innocent and guilty alike, for the pain felt because of the growing and unanswered violence that plagues our nation.

Torah mandates that we respond and bring people together in prayer and support of our common dream for peace and equality. And on Monday night, March 13, Monmouth Reform Temple invites the community to come together to pray and share grace and support as people of faith from a spectrum of religious traditions.

During the 7 p.m. gathering, we will speak to our common hope for love and dignity. We will not speak to political rhetoric.

Representatives of a variety of faith traditions will join Rabbi Marc Kline (pictured) to help move us, as one people, in the direction of greater awareness, greater participation in each other’s lives, and a greater sense of the urgency to support each other.

Our goal is to create space to build relationships and empathy for each other. Our goal is to help all involved bear witness to each other’s dignity and humanity. Please feel welcome to join us in Tinton Falls this Monday evening.