Patrolman Dwayne Reevey, below, with his wife, Christine, and their young son in a recent photo. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)


Fair Haven residents have rallied for a borough police officer who is reported to have broken his neck in an swimming accident on the Fourth of July.

Patrolman Dwayne Reevey suffered the injury while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, according to a Go Fund Me campaign launched Friday.

“He heroically and miraculously walked himself out of the ocean to safety before being rushed to the hospital, where he still remains,” the page reports.

Details about the incident, including the location and circumstances, were not immediately available.

The report says Reevey “has been successfully fitted with a Halo, but will require months of rest and physical therapy in order to recover.”

“In addition to everything else that this accident entails, Dwayne will be out of work and facing large medical (and other) bills,” it continues.

The Go Fund Me Drive quickly exceeded exceeded its target of $15,000, and by early Saturday morning had recorded donations of more than $45,000. [UPDATE: As of early Monday, July 9, the total exceeded $65,000.]

“Dwayne brings out the best in everyone around him and has done so much for the people of our community. Now it is our turn to help him and his family,” the page says.